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Rumsey 情 students are connected

...connected to themselves, to each other, and to the natural world around them. 


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Rumsey Hall 情indergarten Program

We create a dynamic balance of curiosity and connection.

Children naturally learn with an undeniable eagerness. At Rumsey, it's our job—冰球突破的激情— to cultivate the ideal community for three and four-year-olds to explore their budding imaginations and develop an appreciation for the importance of effort. Research proves that children learn best through active, exploratory experiences; taking this to heart, our 情 curriculum is 结构d with the perfect blend of exploration-based play and teacher-led investigation.

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  • AGE: children who turn four before December 1, 2022
  • 学费:$ 23000
  • 日程安排:
    • Drop-off begins at 7:40 a.m.
    • School begins at 8 a.m. 
    • 提货时间是下午2点.m. 
    • Aftercare is offered until 3 p.m.


We infuse the element of play into the 情 discovery-based curriculum. If a student alights on an object of wonder, the teacher may steer the class to pause and mine deeper into the science behind the object. 在这个过程中, the child feels empowered to share more of their inner world to their peers and the teacher can guide a meaningful discussion relevant to that moment. In our 情 program, we are intentionally building a foundation of life skills, 批判性思维, and an overall love of learning

Much like a great oak that grows from strong roots, 营养物质, 和阳光, we create an atmosphere for young children to feel a sense of safety, 结构, and nourishment while expanding the power of their minds and bodies.

成立于1900年, we honor the strength of our tradition; and, we challenge ourselves and our students to grow without limit from the foundation of our deeply-rooted history. Our students learn to live out our core values of honesty, kindness, and respect. 作为一个结果, they find the courage to be themselves and enjoy the benefits of friendship and connection.

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Play—in all its delightful forms— is the foundation of our 情 program's dynamic balance of 结构 and freedom. Throughout each inquiry-based lesson, children are encouraged to be active, stretch their creativity, build relationships with one another, and act out their limitless imaginations! At every turn, the Rumsey Hall campus is filled with child-sized elements to explore.

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Rumsey Hall faculty members are a treasured resource. 每一天, our teachers shine their light on their students through their kind words, warm-hearted listening, and overall approach to a thriving class built on mutual respect. Children who attend the Rumsey Hall 情 program are trained to value compassion and goodwill within themselves. 

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When children share in the togetherness of exploring an individual interest, they experience the affirmation and power of expression.

We understand that three and four-year-olds move quickly; as a result, we've 结构d our 情 program to embolden children to explore the wonder of the moment. If a particular object or event piques their curiosity, we take the time to expand that happening into an individual lesson. 例如, if a child dislodges a stone from the riverbed of our on-campus wonderland known as "Treasure Island" to reveal a crawfish (it happens a lot here!), the teacher will join in the joy of discovery with the child. Using their ecological toolbox, the teacher will turn that moment into a developmentally-appropriate class investigation. From there, our teachers guide the class to dig deeper into the subject as a connected group. 

What happens in the 情 class is not scripted: we believe that children are capable of their own learning and provide them with the expertise to launch into a play-based academic experience. Our emergent curriculum empowers children to be the masters of their own destiny and connects them to a style of learning they can take with them throughout their entire academic and social-emotional journey.

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